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17 May 2017

Freemasons’ Hall, Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum – 695014

Dear Sir and Wor. Bro,

Sub : Lodge Minchin No.2710 EC - Report on Mentoring

Please find below the mentoring initiatives undertaken for the months of March, April and May 2017.

  1. Discussions were held on Recruitment, Retention and Recovery. It was opined that in recruitment and retention the lodge is doing quite well and now focus to be given to recovery wherein dormant members to be incentivized / enthused to attend meetings.
  2. An assessment was made about the dormant members and about 30 odd members have been found to be inactive. It has been decided to a small group and visit these dormant members and find out the reason for their inactiveness. For a start it was decided to visit senior brethren first.
  3. On May 7th a team of brethren consisting of Worshipful Master W.Bro.N.Jayachandran, DoC-W.Bro.G.Unnikrishnan, W.Bro.Sukumaran Nair and W.Bro.Gokul Govind visited the residence of 3 senior brethren. Since it was ill health and old age that prevents them from attending the lodge meetings, it was decided to go meet them and enquire about their well-being. The brethren were very happy to be remembered and enjoyed the love & affection extended.

On 1st April we had the raising ceremony of Bro.Aby Jose George. On 30th March a mentoring session was carried out by the Director of Ceremonies W.Bro.G.Unnikrishnan.

The session mainly consisted of :

  1. The second degree ritual was explained
  2. More information on the Second degree tracing board which was explained at the passing ceremony.
  3. A comprehensive description of the first degree, and second degree ceremonies, symbolic explanations, signs etc.
  4. Ensured that Bro. Aby is well proficient in the first degree and second degree signs and salutes.
  5. A recollection of what was explained about Freemasonry, Religion Charity & Morality
  6. Temple, officers, Initiation, Banquet, Toasts, Reply, Dress code and all other basic information
  7. Q&A of the third degree

The raising ceremony was conducted in a befitting manner with W.Bro.K.Rammohan giving the charge and W.Bro.Gokul Govind giving the traditional history and explaining the working tools

On 6th May we had the passing ceremony of Bro.Bimal John. On 3rd May a mentoring session was carried out by the Director of Ceremonies W.Bro.G.Unnikrishnan.

The session mainly consisted of :

  1. Bro.Bimal was congratulated on taking his first step in Freemasonry.
  2. Brief history of Freemasonry and of Lodge Minchin was explained.
  3. Organization of the Lodge and duties of the Lodge Officers were explained
  4. Names and details of all Officers of the Lodge was provided.
  5. Took a Lodge tour, explaining where the Officers are seated, the layout of the furniture, tracing boards, etc
  6. Symbolic explanation of the Initiation ceremony and an explanation of the charge with focus on applying the principles of Freemasonry to our everyday lives.
  7. Basic Masonic etiquette and Festive Board were explained. Provided Bro. Bimal with the Questions and Answers with which the he must be conversant before he is passed to the Second Degree and help him to learn them. Discussed with Bro. Bimal the meaning of the questions and answers.
  8. Taught Bro. Bimal the First Degree signs and ensured he is proficient in them.
  9. Answered all questions and doubts raised by Bro. Bimal

The passing ceremony was very well conducted. The working tools were explained by Bro. Gokul Madhusoodhan and the tracing board by Bro. Aravind Ramachandran. It may be noted that both Bro. Gokul Madhusoodhan and Bro. Aravind Ramachandran are relatively junior brethren but have taken huge interest to involve in the ceremony. These are the tangible results of effective mentoring.

The mentoring activities for the year 2017-18 have started very well and both senior and junior brethren actively involving in the matters of the Lodge and the ceremonies. We hope to focus on Recovery and bring back the dormant members to the fore and at the same time recruit 1-2 good members of repute and good standing.


W.Bro. G.Unnikrishnan

Director of Ceremonies

Lodge Minchin


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