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Points for Most Excellent. Grand superintendent’s speech at Dist. Grand Chapter of Madras, Half yearly convocation on 9.8.2014 at Kollam - Morning

Dear Companions,

Welcome to Kollam and the wonderful hospitality of Lodge Quilon. I trust that you have all been comfortably accommodated and well looked after.

I would like to first welcome M.E.Comp. Damodaran Pillai Shanthikumar,P.III.G.Pr.,& II R G Pr, the representative of The Grand Superintendent of Regional Grand Chapter of Southern India and his officers.

I also extend a very warm welcome to E.Comp. Percy Driver The Grand Superintendent of District Grand Chapter of Bombay, and his officers who have accepted our invitation to be with us this morning.

Supreme Grand Chapter


I am very pleased to report that we have been able to remit the committed sum of £6,000/- to Supreme Grand Chapter for the Royal College of Surgeons. The final payment was made earlier this year.

I had the good fortune to attend the Annual Investiture meeting of the Supreme Grand Chapter in London and I am pleased to inform you that E.Com. Abdul Jifri was honoured with the rank of PGst.B and E.Comp. Ponnaiya was honoured with the rank of PAGDC at that convocation. I take this opportunity to congratulate them.

District Grand Chapter News:

The 15 Chapters in our District continue to work well. Two of our Chapters. Chapter Golconda No.3249 and Chapter John Miller No. 1906 both celebrated the Golden Jubilee early this year and I was able to attend both the meetings. We now have a total of around 600 members in Royal Arch Masonry in our District. This represents approximately half the members of the Craft and indicates that we stillhave the ability to grow in our Royal Arch membership. In order to encourage more Master Masons to join this beautiful Degree I request all Chapters to appointrepresentatives in the Craft. The representative would act as a Royal Arch mentor and would make every effort to encourage Master Masons to join the Royal Arch.

Installation Convocations:

I had the pleasure of attending the Installation Convocations of Golconda Chapter, Chapter Excelsior, Chapter Benson. The records of the Golconda Chapter and Chapter Excelsior were inspected by E.Comp. Sukesh Menon and the records of Chapter Benson were inspected by E.Com. N. Narayan Kutty. I would like to thank both of them for carrying out the inspection. I would also like to thank those Companions represented me at the Installation Convocation of other Chapters:

E.Comp.V.J.Bharath Chapter Universal Charity No.273 23.01.2014
E.Comp.Dr.George Jayaprakash Chapter Southern Brotherhood No.3311 30.01.2014
Past Grand Superintendent
Chapter School of Plato No.150
(Inspection of records by E.Comp.Sukesh Menon)
E.Comp.Abdul Jifri Chapter Quilon No.5839 28.02.2014
Deputy Grand Superintendent
Chapter Cauvery No.3848 08.03.2014
E.Comp.Sukesh Menon Chapter Rock No.260 12.07.2014

I would also like to thank them for inspecting the records.

It is gratifying to see the maintenance of records in all our Chapters is satisfactory and I would encourage all members to keep it this way.


During the half year we were saddened at the loss of E.Comp.

E.Comp.G.Yesodharan, PDG Std Br Chapter Quilon  No.5839 24.01.2014
Comp.K.Mohandas, Kerala Chapter No.2188  24.02.2014
Comp.A.P.Nayar Chapter Minchin No.2710  05.06.2014
E.Comp. P. Elanchelian The Chapter Rock No.260 26.07.2014
E.Comp. N. Vijayakrishnan Nair Chapter Minchin No.2710 04.08.2014


Before I close I would like to place on record my very sincere thanks to E.Comp. Viji Joseph, District Grand Treasurer, E.Comp. S.Ponnaiya, District Grand Scribe Ezra, E.Comp.Sukesh Menon, District Grand Director of Ceremonies and the entire team in the office for having spared so much of their valuable time to ensure the smooth running of the District.

Thank you Companions,

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