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Address of ME Grand Superintendent at the Annual Convocation on 9th February 2013

Dear Companions,

It has been a year since we last met in Chennai at which time we enjoyed the hospitality of the Lodge of Perfect Unanimity and the Royal Arch Chapter School of Plato on the occasion of the celebration of their bi-centenary. We now have the pleasure of enjoying the warm hospitality of the Archibald Campbell Lodge and I am sure that all of you have been well looked after so far.

We have the honour, of having several distinguished visitors, from our Sister Constitution, and from the neighboring Districts of our own Constitution, with us on this occasion. 

Unfortunately E.Comp. Sushilraj has been unable to attend this meeting due to his other Masonic commitments. He has, however, deputed E.Comp. Ramasubramaniam Velayutham and his officers to represent him and I have great pleasure in welcoming them.

We also have with us E.Comp. Dr. Yeoh Poh Hong, Grand Superintendent in and over the District Grand Chapter of the Eastern Archipelago and his officers whom I welcome remembering their extremely kind hospitality when we visited them last year.

I also welcome E.Comp. David Fok, Grand Superintendent in and over the District Grand Chapter of Hong Kong and the Far East and his officers who have travelled all the way from Hong Kong to be here with us today. E.Comp. V. Nagarajan, Grand Superintendent over the District of Northern India, you have always been a very important part of our meetings and as always we thank you for being with us.

I trust that all of you are comfortable and I am sure that the organizers of this meeting would have spared no effort to make you feel at home.

Supreme Grand Chapter

Companions, as you all probably know the Supreme Grand Chapter celebrates its bi-centenary on Wednesday October 16 this year. This is indeed an important event in the history of Royal Arch Masonry and I am sure that many of you would like to attend the celebrations in London. Those of you who would like to attend please contact E.Comp. Selvaraj Ponnaiya, our District Grand Scribe E, who will communicate with the Supreme Grand Chapter and will make every effort to obtain tickets for those who wish to attend.

District Grand Chapter

The Royal Arch membership in our District has seen a very marginal increase in the past one year and is still a matter of concern. Despite the fact that we have only 15 Chapters, against 18 Craft Lodges, there is still scope for increasing membership of the Royal Arch which is a very important step in Masonic career of any Master Mason. I appeal to all members of the Royal Arch to make a concerted effort to recruit more Master Masons in order that they may also enjoy the benefits of this very important and beautiful degree.

To mark the bi-centenary of our Royal Arch Chapter School of Plato and 100 years of District Grand Lodge meetings being organized by private Lodges, I had the pleasure of unveiling a plaque to commemorate those occasions which is on the front wall of this building. The plaque was unveiled on 26th November, 2012.

I attended the installation convocation of Chapter Benson No. 1093 on August 3, 2012. The records were inspected by E.Comp. Sukesh Menon.

I was represented at other installation convocations by:

E.Comp. George Jayaprakash

Chapter Rock No.260 - 7th July 2012
Chapter Kerala No. 2188 - 27th October, 2012
Chapter Ampthill No.3682 –14th December, 2012


Chapter Minchin No:2710, 24th November 2012
Chapter Cochin No.4359, 8th December, 2012


Chapter John Miller No1906 3rd October, 2012
Chapter Pitt Macdonald No:1198 17th December, 2012
Chapter universal Charity No.273, 24th January 2013

E.Comp.D.Rajasekaran Chapter Southern Brotherhood No.3311 31st January 2013


Chapter School of Plato No.150, 5th February 2013

I would like to express my thanks to these Companions for the time they have devoted to represent me on these occasions at which they also inspected the records of the respective Chapters.

Companions, it is with sadness that I inform you of the passing away of E.Comp. Dr.Ninan Kuruvilla of Chapter Quilon, E.Comp. P.K.Shivdas of Chapter Benson, and E.Comp. J.T. Mooken of Chapter Cochin. May I request you all to please rise and observe a minute’s silence in their memory. 

As always I would like to place on record my very sincere thanks to E.Comp. N.D. Achiah, District Grand Treasurer, E.Comp. S. Ponnaiya, District Grand Scribe E, E.Comp. Sukesh Menon, District Grand Director of Ceremonies and Comp. P.B. Shankar and his team, at the District Grand Chapter Office, for their usual enthusiasm, involvement and hard work in keeping our affairs in good shape. 

Companions, I will be addressing you at greater length this evening.


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