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ME Grand Superintendentís address in District Grand Chapter Convocation 0n 11th February 2012


I am immensely pleased to welcome all of you to this yearís annual investiture meeting. Last evening we celebrated a historic event in our District, the Bi-centenary celebrations of the School of Plato Chapter which is attached to the Lodge of Perfect Unanimity. It was an extremely special occasion as this Chapter is older than the Supreme Grand Chapter which celebrates its Bi-centenary next year.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the representative of ME the Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. George Pipon Francis, ME II Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter, who is accompanied by E Comp. Oliver Lodge, the Grand Director of Ceremonies to our festivities. This is also the first time one of the Grand Principals is attending the District Grand Chapter Annual convocation in Madras and I am thankful the ME II Grand Principal for being with us today.

I also welcome the Regional Grand Superintendent E Comp. Retnaraj Sushilraj, of the Regional Grand Chapter of Southern India, E Comp. and E Comp. V Nagarajan, Grand Superintendent of Northern India, for taking time to be with us to day.

It is my pleasure to welcome E Comp. Bomi S. Mehta, Past Grand Superintendent of Grand Chapter of United Scottish Royal Arch Freemasonry in India & Ceylon, the representative of M E Grand Superintendent of Grand Chapter of United Scottish Royal Arch Freemasonry in India & Ceylon and R E Comp. Dr. K K Varma, Past District Grand High Priest and representative of M E the District Grand King of District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland in India.

The District Grand Chapter continues to be run well with a membership of a little under than six hundred and it is my earnest desire that we energize our efforts to enhance membership to at least seven hundred by the end of the year. This being an exalted degree we should urge our newly raised members to join this wonderful degree.

Grand Chapter News

We had undertaken to contribute a sum of £6,000/- to the charities of the Supreme Grand Chapter. We have run into some difficulty in transferring this amount owing to the continuing controls on foreign exchange transactions imposed by the Government of India. We, together with the Supreme Grand Chapter, are trying to sort this matter out and we sincerely hope that it will soon be concluded.

Installation Convocations

The following Companions represented me at the Installation Convocations of the following Chapters and inspected the records.

E.Comp.S.Sampath   Chapter John Miller No.1906 10.10.2011

                                        Chapter Minchin No.2710 26.11.2011

                                        Chapter Cochin No.4359 10.12.2011

                                        Chapter Universal Charity No.273 25.01.2012

                                        Chapter School of Plato No.150 31.01-2012

E.Comp.Dr.K.K.Varma Kerala

                                        Chapter No.2188 22.10.2011


                                        Chapter Ampthill No.3682 16.12.2011


It is now my saddest duty to inform you that the following companions have been called to the Grand Lodge above.

E.Comp.Kirit P.Asher, PDDyGDofC Kerala  Chapter No.2188 23.90.2011

E.Comp.V.R.Seshu, PDG IA Sojr,   Chapter Southern Brotherhood No.3311 25.09.2011

Comp.Dr.P.T.Cherian,  Chapter Quilon No.5839 22.11.2011

Comp.K.Gopakumar  Chapter Minchin No.2710 5.01.2012

Comp. A N Macleod  Chapter Pitt MacDonald.

I once again thank our distinguished visitors for being with us today and I invite them to join us in our proceedings this evening and the banquet tonight.

I would like to place on record my thanks to E. Comp. S. Ponnaiya, our District Grand Scribe Ezra, E. Comp. N.D. Achiah, our District Grand Treasurer and E. Comp. M. Chellappa, President of the Committee of General Purposes, for their hard work and support during the year.

Last but least a very big thank you to the Companions of the School of Plato Chapter and the Brethren of the Lodge of Perfect Unanimity for having spared no effort to make our stay comfortable and our celebrations enjoyable. I shall address you, at greater length, this evening.


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