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Grand Superintendent’s address at the Annual Investiture Convocation on 14.02.2015


Good morning to all of you and welcome to this Convocation. I thank you all for having made the effort to be present despite the early hour of this meeting. I trust that the companions of the host Chapter are taking care of all of you.

Companions, I have pleasure in extending a warm welcome to our visitors of this morning, E.Comp. V. Nagarajan Grand Superintendent of the District Grand Chapter of Northern India, E.Comp. Santhikumar, P.II. G.Pr. of the Regional Chapter of Southern India, and E.Comp. Vengakalachulu Suppiah of the DGC of the Eastern Archipelago.

Supreme Grand Chapter

Companions, I am very pleased to inform you that the charity collection made by the Supreme Grand Chapter for the Royal College of Surgeons exceeded the target by half a million pounds. You will recall, Companions, that our District contributed £6,000/- towards this fund. I would like to thank all of you for your contributions that made this donation possible. During his address to the Grand Chapter in October last year the Pro First Grand Principal once again emphasized the need for recruitment and retention of members of the Chapter.

He also informed the Companions that the Supreme Grand Chapter would fund the project for the renovation of the Organ in the Grand Temple. This would cost approximately 1 million pounds.

District Grand Chapter

The strength of our District Grand Chapter continues to be around 600 members. Over the last few years we have seen virtually no growth with the number of members remaining around this figure. With about 1100 members of the Craft in our District there is potential for us to increase numbers in the Chapter and I, once again, appeal to the members of all Chapters to make sure that every Master Mason in their Lodge is informed of the existence of Holy Royal Arch and the meaning and the beauty of the ceremony. I once again request all Chapters to appoint a Royal Arch Mentor in every Craft Lodge so that information of this order may be properly disseminated amongst the members of the Craft.

Installation Convocation

Companions, since we last met the following Companions have represented me at Installation Convocation of various Chapters and have inspected the records of those Chapters:

E.Comp. Sukesh Menon Chapter Rock No.260 12.07.2014
E.Comp. S. Sampath, Deputy Grand Superintendent Chapter John Miller No.1906 & Pitt MacDonald Chapter No.1198 27.10.2014 / 21.11.2014
E.Comp. Dr. K.K. Varma, P.Dy.Grand Superintendent Kerala Chapter No.2188 01.11.2014
E.Comp. A.I. Kurian Chapter Minchin No.2710 22.11.2014
E.Comp Abdul Jifri Chapter Cochin No.4359 13.12.2014
E.Comp. Chandru Rajubettan Chapter Ampthill No.3682 19.12.2014


Companions, it is with a deep sense of grief that I report to you the passing of the following Companions of our District:

E.Comp. P. Elanchelian, DG Swd Br. Chapter Rock No.260 26.07.2014
E.Comp. Dr. N. Vijayakrishnan Nair, PDG Ch.Steward, Chapter Minchin No.2710 04.08.2014
E.Comp. K. Krishna Pillai, PAGDC, PDG Sc N, Chapter Quilon No.5839 20.08.2014
E.Comp. K. Gopinathan Nair, PDIII Gr. Pr., Chapter Quilon No.5839 15.09.2014
E.Comp. G. Rangachari, PG Std Br, PD II Gr Pr. Chapter School of Plato No.150 19.09.2014
E.Comp. Narasimhalu Vennel, PDGScN, of Chapter Ampthill No.3682 18.01.2015


Companions I request all of you to please stand and observe a minute’s silence in memory of our dear departed companions.

Companions, before I close it is a most pleasant duty to convey a sincere word of thanks to E.Comp. Ponnaiya, E.Comp. Viji Joseph, E.Comp. Sukesh Menon, E.Comp. M.Chellappa and the other Companions who have assisted me in managing the affairs of the District in the last year.

Companions, I will now close as I shall address you at greater lengths in the evening.

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