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Meetings of P.U. & Archibald Campbell in London By V W Bro S Sampath, Dy. DGM

  1. The brethren of P.U. No.150 had their meeting on 10th June 2013 (Mon) 10.30 a.m. at Mark Masons Hall. Once an year they have their meeting in London, coordinated by W.Bro. Chellappa. The W.M. P.B. Shankar & brethren conducted a II degree ceremony in a fitting manner followed by lunch. Brethren from Archibald Campbell lodge also participated and assisted in the working. 
  2. The brethren of Archibald Campbell Lodge No.4998 had their meeting on 10th June 2013 (Mon) 5.00 p.m. attended by 13 brethren at Room No.15, UGL Building at Queens Street. A III degree ceremony was done by the W.M. Kartik Sabanayagan ably assisted by the brethren in an impressive manner. Bro. James Campbell from Cambridge also a member, coordinated the meet along with Mathew Joseph. 
  3. On 11th June (Tue) 5.00 p.m. the Isaac Newton University Lodge No.859 met and 12 brethren of Archibald & me attended at Cambridge. It is the Lodge of Cambridge University and membership is only open to members of the University. It was founded in 1861. The current master is W.Bro. Dr Justin Bishop. Bro. James Campbell was W.M. three years ago. The real reason for visiting however is that Sir Archibald Campbell was initiated, passed and raised in the Isaac Newton University Lodge before he left for India. It was thus his mother lodge. He never held office, however. He went through the master's chair in India.
  4. Apart from this I met the Grand Secretary V.W.Bro. Nigel Brown and also attended the Emulation Lodge of Improvement on 14th June where an Installation ceremony was done in an impressive manner. 
  5. As Dy.DGM I had the privilege of attending all these meetings with about 22 brethren from these lodges. Photos of some events are forwarded at the end.
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Date of Warrant:1765 and March 8, 1886, Meets: First Monday in the Months of February, March, April, July, August, September, October, November and December. Election: December. Installation: Second Friday January.

Officers for 2017-2018  ( Installed: 13th January 2017 )
Worshipful Master K.Kannan
Senior Warden Mohan Gopalakrishnan
Junior Warden Lakshmi Ratan Ramgopal
I.P.M. V.Venkatesan
Chaplain Dr. Sudharshan Ramachandran
Treasurer P.B.Shanker
Secretary G.Mohan Kumar
Director of Ceremonies M.Mohamed Hanifa
Almoner V.P.Raman
Charity Steward Guruswaminathan Gokilan
Mentor V..J.Bharath
Senior Deacon Arjun Paranthaman
Junior Deacon Sivagurunath Munish
Asst. Director of Ceremonies Viji Joseph
Asst. Secretary T.P.George
Inner Guard Rathinavel Chandran
Steward G.Sreenivasan
Steward Harish Balaskandan
Steward Rohan Vekatesh
Steward Vijay Gopalan
Tyler P.Gajendran


M.Singh (1978)  K.R.N.Menon (1991) (WM 4998-1976 &1988)
V.J.Bharath (1980) M.Chellappa (1988)
P.S.Raman (1992) (WM 2532-1990) K.J.Ramaswamy
A.C.Patel (1983)  R.Srinivasan (1997, 2009)
Jacob Mathew (1998)  R.Vijayaraghavan (2000)
Dr.E.Mohan Ram  K.Kannan (2002)
G.Guruswaminathan (2003)  S.Vasudev (2004)
S.Shankar (2005)  Viji Joseph (2006)
P.Prasanna Venkatesh  T.P.George (2008)
B.Jai Ganesh (2010)  V.P.Raman (2012)
G.Sreenivaasan (2014)  Narayanan Ramji (WM 4998- 2004)
Rajesh John  J.V.Placka
T.Shivaraman  V.Venkatesan (2016)
M.Mohamed Hanifa (2015)  S.Dinesh Kumar
Srinivasan Chellappa  Mohan Gopalakrisshnan 
P.B.Shanker (2013)  C.K.Prabhakaran (WM 1198- 1986,87)
Lakshmi Ratan Ramgopal  K.S.Shankar
R.Shanker  Vy.Tha Ramani Moorthi
Ananth Gopalakrishnan  G.Mohan Kumar
Stephen Fleming (PM-4244-1994)  Sudharshan Ramachandran
K,R.Ananth  P.M.Albert Lawrence
Arjun Paranthaman  Sivagurunath Munish
Rathinavel Chandran  Nagarajan Vembu
Arjun Shanker  B.Santhanam
A.Shankar  Harish Balaskandan
Vikram Rajan  Rohan Venkatesh
A.K.Vijay Gopalan  Rijo Mathew


Secretary's Address:
G.Mohan Kumar,
Sree Hastham, 2153, L Block, 2nd Street, 12th Main Road,
Annanagar West, Chennai 600 040
Mobile: 94447 31693, Email: 

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